After School Care

Programs & Routines

Vacation Care positions are given to parents who use BASC and then secondly to siblings of children who attend the centre.

Within our Before / After school care and Vacation Care programs we aim to give the children a range of different and fun experiences.  When planning outings consideration is given to:

  • Group size and dynamics.
  • Venue facilities ie. Toilets, eating areas, food storage.
  • Transportation and time to arrive at destinations.
  • Cost.
  • Staffing ratios.
  • Risk Management.
  • Suitability.

Within the centre we ensure that there is:

  • General activities.
  • Space to complete homework.
  • Computer time.
  • Allocated time for outdoor activities

Before School Care

Children may attend the service from 7am onwards for before school care. The centre actively all school aged children to eat breakfast before attending school.

School children will be picked up at 8.35am and taken to school and dropped at the location in this book– late children will need to be taken to school by their partent / guardians.

After School Care

All children are to meet Driver at the designated assembly areas as outlined on the following pages. Any child who does not arrive to be picked up the following procedure will occur:

1. Driver will ring the centre to inform the senior staff. Senior staff will ring the school office and or parent to confirm childs whereabouts.

2. Centre will begin to contact parents and if unsuccessful emergency contacts to locate child.

3. After 15 minutes the Driver will continue to the next school if appropriate. The centre Director will attend the school and continue searching for the child, while continueing to reach parents or emergency contacts.

4. At the Director’s discretion (but waiting no longer than 45min) the Police will be contacted and a missing person will be reported.

Pick Up Points

Seville Rd State School – School Carpark

Holland Park State School – Wilber St at Bus Stop.

St Joachims – Crown St at Bus Stop. 

Please be aware the bus driver does not escort children to or from the classroom.

It is absolutely imperative that Parents contact the centre if their child is going to be away or is sick. The centre will never ASSUME the child is safe until we verify these facts with the child’s families. If a family continually fail to inform the centre of a child’s wherabouts for eg 4 times in a month, the centre reserves the right to cease caring for this child.