Jarjum Room

About the Room


4 to 5 years

Staff Ratio

2 staff to 22 children


Play based curriculum

The Jarjum Room is a 4 – 5 years room.  The staff ratios in this room are 2 staff members and 22 children.  The Jarjum room has a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.  The emphasis in the Jarjum room is on encouraging children to play a larger part in the planning process while developing skills that will be used at BIG school!

The Jarjum room runs a play based curriculum and children are encouraged each day to help to plan and negotiate as to the day’s activities.  Children’s ever changing interests are closely monitored by staff who then base learning around these experiences to ensure that learning has intrinsic meaning and value to the children.

Opportunities are offered in the preschool for children to learn through:

  • dance, drama and the arts
  • gardening
  • being exposed to different languages and cultures
  • cooking
  • constructing and deconstructing!

Under the funding guidelines from the QLD Government the centre needs to offer a 15 hour a week program over 40 weeks. The preschool room program runs Monday – Friday

Spaces are Limited!

Contact us today to arrange a Tour and to book your child in.

What To Bring


Ensure it is named and sun smart with a broad brim.

A peaked cap is not recommended as children can get burnt on their ears and back of the next.

Single Fitted Sheet

Ensure the sheet is clearly named with wash-proof marker or label.

Please bring this in a laundry bag.

Full Lunchbox

It’s a busy day at the centre so ensure your little one is fully stocked up with a healthy lunch!

Refrigeration is available if needed. 

Nut & Egg Free Zone

To ensure the safety of all our children, we ask that you pack NO nuts or eggs – this includes peanut butter and muesli bars.

Backpack and Clothes

We are all about adventure and excitement! Some days it is guaranteed that we will get. a little messy and/or wet – please pack some spare clothes in a suitable, zippable bag.

A Distinct Waterbottle

Hydration is very important. Please ensure your child has an easy to recognise – and use – drink bottle!

Clearly place their name on the bottle.

Parents’ Corner

Change of Days / Holidays and Other Notices

If your child is going to be away, please call and advise the centre so we can mark your child as absent.

Cancellations and change of days need to be made in writing 2 weeks in advance.

Email us to request these changes;

[email protected]


Excursion and incursions happen regularly at Holland Park Child Care Centre.

If there isa n additional fee for the activity, you will be advised and payments can be made in the centre or online.

If the event does not go ahead you may or may not be eligible for a refund, please speak with our staff to learn more.


Fees will be advised when you book your place into the room.

Your out of pocket costs will vary depending on how much Child Care Rebate you recieve along with other considerations.

If you would like to know more about this, please click here to visit our Resource Page.

Come see us in person

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